Why Veterans?

Because they fought for our freedom, so we are fighting for them

37,000 Veterans are homeless

Homelessness almost always involves people facing desperate situations and extreme hardship. They must make choices among very limited options, often in the context of extreme duress, substance abuse disorders, untreated mental illness, or unintended consequences from well-intentioned policies. But access to rehabilitative programs that actually help the Veteran means stabilization, health, and employment.

Our programs are designed to actually help the Veterans

Using the word “actually” may sound alarming, but its true, all we care about is actually helping the Veterans

Mental illness effects substance abuse and physical health, causing the Veteran homeless population

8% of all homeless are Veterans. Access to quality rehabilitative programs can keep Veterans from falling back into homelessness.

Veterans and their families often have zero stability, and without stability they cannot get back on there feet

The VA has funded 1.8 billion through HUD-VASH to offer permanent housing to Veterans and decreases the total days spent homeless

Employment creates stabilization and purpose which is a major determinant to keep Veterans out of homelessness

284,000 Veterans are unemployed. Programs to help capable Veterans become employed means Veterans have a purpose and opportunity.

Families are homeless too, and many shelters don’t cator to children. Kids programs help with the growth of these children.

When a family lives in permanent homeless housing, children events are needed to make the kids feel apart of something.

How Do We Tackle The Homeless Crisis?

We work with local community partners and organizations to ensure we offer sustainable programs that stabilize the Veterans. First priority is sustainable food and water. After that we focus on attitude, socialization, mental health, and physical health which are major factors in the Veterans achieving a sustainable healthy life. Lastly we try to teach life and employment skills to capable Veterans to get them back on their feet.

Rehabilitative Programs


Sometimes these Veterans are alone in their room for a month straight, Which is terrible for depression and anxiety. We put health at the forefront of every program.


Stabilization is crucial because everyone is at high risk of spiraling downward, possibly back into homelessness, and once we lose them they are hard to get back.


Employment provides routine and purpose. We teach life skills through our programs and are developing programs to help the Veterans attain employment.


We host children specific events to create a learning and social rich environment that offers a community for the kids to grow up in. 

Here are 3 ways you can help

Give $20 and change a Veterans life

Join us as a
Patriot Partner

Pledge your next birthday for Veterans

Every $20 nvested feeds a Veteran for a whole month

Community partners donate thousands of pounds of food a month, The Patriot Club funds the direct expenses to operate the food pantry, it’s all about teamwork!