How we work

37,000 Veterans are homeless, 16.8 Veteran Suicides Daily, 284,000 Unemployed. We are on a mission to end the Veteran crisis’s, and with the help of generous supporters like you, we’re getting closer every day.

Our Approach

We work with our community network of local partners to execute our various rehabilitation programs. The Patriot funds our direct expenses associated with the execution. Together, it makes everything we do possible!


We reach out to our network for resources we need like food, water, pillows, social activities, car repairs, misting fans, electronic can openers, health classes, you name it! For pantry items we pick up, organize, and distribute every week. For social and health programs we coordinate the execution of the event and provide transportation when needed.

Continuous improvement

To ensure that stabilization and rehabilitation is secure and constant we continuously ask the Veterans for feedback on what we’re doing and what they need. We take this feedback and work with our partners to expand our network of resources and implement programs that are centered around the Veterans needs and wants.


Maintaining and expanding our network is crucial to success, communities have the power to solve major issues if organizations work together. We are continually seeking to expand our community network to offer more resources to the Veterans and do our best to showcase our partner's efforts via social media and marketing.

We are result driven

Our team knows that improvement is always possible. We don’t care if we are right or wrong, we care if the Veterans are healing, stabilizing, and improving towards getting back on their feet and becoming self-sustainable. We leave no Veteran behind!

Local Partners

We would not be here without our local community partners. As a team, we are building a network of resources committed to putting Veterans first. The shared belief of no Veteran being left behind is what gives us the opportunity to manifest our vision.

Why does Trinity Veteran work with local partners?

We believe that investing in local community involvement is the best way to create long-term impact. We plan on expanding our non-profit nationwide at a local level. Local communities share common problems but also have unique characteristics that they know best.

What is Trinity Veteran’s relationship with local partners?

Our Director of Programs communicates daily with partners and organizations to ensure our programs are successful. Without our community partners Trinity Veteran’s work would not be possible.

How are local partners defined?

We work with a variety of locally-based organizations. Some are non-profits, Veteran organizations, churches, social clubs, schools, etc. To us, if an organization or person wants to help us help Veterans, then we are all for it.

What does Trinity Veteran expect from local partners?

Our partners share our vision of ending the Veterans crisis’s in their local community. In addition to sharing our vision, our partners communicate with us how they can help and participate actively.

Meet Some Of Our Local Partners

  • The Patriot Club
  • Grove Community Church & Grove vets
  • MilVet
  • Project Strong One PS1
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 47
  • Veterans for Volunteers
  • Riverside Elks Lodge #643
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Rock church veterans support group
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW
  • Post 1508 and Auxiliary
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Fountain of life Church
  • Oasis Community Church
  • Daisy's Hope Foundation
  • Thank A Vet
  • Trilogy Veterans Club
  • American Legion Auxiliary Fellowship Unit 951
  • American Legion 574
  • American Legion 79
  • American Legion 500
  • American Legion 289