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Why Sponsor APO-IUP?
  • Top of mind awareness for talented students entering the workforce
  • Home page sponsorship banner
  • Priority access to recruiting top talent 
  • Advertisement to APO-IUP supporters (families, friends, alumni, faculty), and the Indiana, PA community
  • Social impact directly linked to your business, studies prove customers prefer business’s that give back
What Your Sponsorship Does

Sponsorship donations are used to fund APO-IUP Philanthropy and Recruitment Events. These funds elevate the event experience we offer to our customers, as well as increase our recruitment capabilities to attain and retain the best students as members, which is crucial to ensuring APO-IUP long term growth.

How to Sponsor Us

We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsoring our Chapter. Their are immense benefits in working with us to impact the Indiana, PA community. Please fill out a sponsorship request for and we will get back to you shortly.

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  • Positively impact veterans in your community
  • Chapter Leaders gain real life business experience
  • Leadership and business development opportunities
  • Experience employers look for while interviewing


  • Veterans get help from students and the University
  • Connect with the students that are apart of the community
  • Utilize resources only the University and Students have to offer
  • Help influence America's youth in the right direction


  • Positively impact veterans in your community
  • Link Alumni, Community, and University together through student involvement
  • Offer students real life experience outside the classrom
  • Students entering the workforce have what employers look for


  • Positively impact veterans in your community through chapter sponsorship
  • Recruit directly from the Chapter Executive Board
  • Chapter leaders develop and heighten skills your are looking for
  • Help strengthen America's youth entering the workforce