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The mission of SHRM is to provide opportunities for students to interact with human resource professionals in a mutually beneficial way for both parties.

Support the Homeless Heroes Stocking Project (HHSP) hosted by the Indiana PA and Veterans United, and help veterans in need today! Roughly 60,000 of our vets are living on the streets, with a million more struggling financially and unable to find meaningful employment.

This is simply unacceptable.


Suicides Daily




Finacially Struggling

No veteran who selflessly served to protect our freedom and way of life should ever be left without support from those he or she sacrificed to protect.

At American Philanthropic Organization – Indiana University of Pennsylvania, APO-IUP, we are working to change this. Our mission is help veterans in need in the Indiana and Pittsburgh area. We do this by performing community service and fundraising for items needed by homeless veterans.

If you've been wondering how to help veterans in need

We invite you to consider donating to the HHSP Student Org Fundraiser.

The HHSP Student Organization Fundraiser helps raise money to purchase supplies needed by homeless veterans. The supplies are stuffed into stockings during the Homeless Heroes Stocking Project event that is hosted by a benevolent group, the Indiana PA and Veterans United.




‚Äč All donations go directly to The APO Foundation, which is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

It is through generous gifts like yours that APO-IUP can continue to help lift up and support veterans in need. THANK YOU for joining with us to fight for them as they fought for our freedom!


HHSP Stocking Event

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Jason Wendel

November 27, 2019