Our Mission Strengthen the Indiana, PA Community

Indiana, PA Veterans

  • APO Fund Raise
  • APO Community Service
  • APO Social Impact

Our mission is to strengthen the Indiana, PA community. APO-IUP is here to take a stand, to help our heroes and develop America’s future leaders. We accomplish our mission in two ways: fund raising, and community service. APO-IUP will either host or partner in fund raising events. An example is the Homeless Heroes Stocking Project, a partnership between Team RWB and APO-IUP.

An example of opportunities to perform community service that we offer to our club members is the Team RWB Marathon, or unique to 2019, volunteering at the Vietnam Moving Memorial.

APO-IUP Students

  • APO Impact Veterans
  • APO Develop Leaders
  • APO Heighten Business Acumen

APO-IUP strengthens the Indiana, PA community by positively impacting veterans through offering club members opportunities to fund raise and perform community service, while enriching the leadership and business development experience for chapter leaders.

We run our club like a business, at a collegiate level. Our goals for the academic 2019-2020 year is: 1) Fund raise $10,000 2) Fund raise $25,000 for HHSP and 3) Perform 300+ hours of community service. APO-IUP Chapter leaders are ideal candidates for full time and internship hires, we implement the skills employers look for on a daily basis.

Meet the Executive Board Members


APO-IUP donates $3,500 of supplies to homeless veterans!

APO-IUP in partnership with Team RWB Indiana, PA Chapter hosted the Homeless Heroes Stocking Project 2017 and fund raised $3,500 worth of supplies that was donated to homeless veterans in the Pittsburgh, PA area. View pictures here.

APO President and Co-Founder apprears on TV with Chancellor of the PA State School System

Student of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dillon Hagy talking about MPO and Student Leadership with InterimChancellor Karen Whitney. Dillon appears at 1:05, 9:45, 16:05, and 23:00 of the video.

APO-IUP raises $1,500 with first ever sole hosted event

APO-IUP with help from the Veterans Leadership Program of PA solely hosted their first event, the Veterans Liftathon. View pictures here