Get to know the Trinity Veteran Team

Dillon Hagy – President

Dillon is an Army Paratrooper veteran who served in the (SO)(A) community and was attached to a Green Beret ODA in Afghanistan. Being a war veteran, Dillon decided it was his job to uphold his oath to never leave a comrade behind. In the last 4 years, Dillon has launched multiple startups to help Veterans and founded Trinity Veteran in January 2019.

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Dominic Frontino – Director of Programs

Dom is a US Army Veteran and Riverside, CA native. As a successful entrepreneur for 25 years Dom felt a calling to get out of the LLC space and into theĀ  501(c)(3) world to help Veterans in his community. In late 2018 Dom and Dillon met at bible study and started volunteering together. Fast forward 2 years and Dom is the TV Director of Programs and is responsible for the Trinity Veteran Centers in California.

Summer McAfee – Volunteer

Summer is a U.S Navy Veteran that currently works at USAA. Community outreach is her jam, and she volunteers for multiple causes! Summer helps out in social media along with Marina to create content that engages donors and showcases our impact!

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Marina Rabinek – Volunteer

Marina is a U.S Army Veteran who retired as a Warrant Officer. She is all about connecting people and groups together and has a passion for helping Veterans transition. Marina volunteers to help with social media marketing to engage donors and showcase our impact!

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Alex Vito – Volunteer

Alex is a Marine Veteran that recently transitioned into civilian life. Currently, Alex is looking at a combination of educational opportunities and work within the technology sector. Alex volunteers to help connect donors to their impact through email marketing. Alex is also a Patriot Partner!

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